We’ve got some big plans for this little Okanagan craft brewery, and we’re working hard to bring our take on craft beer to you! Things are moving fast too… leases are signed, permits are happening, architects are planning, designers are designing, construction is underway, and we’re brewing test batch after test batch to hone in our recipes.

What she said… but LOUDER!

Mel, Cathy or Tara  – any given day

Yeah… that’s the vibe around here. With so much going on, there are decisions being made and conversations happening all the time. And while all of that is true, this quote is always true about our little team. We live it all with passion, laughter, excitement, and sometimes volume. So if you come and visit us at our new Okanagan brewery when the doors open, there’s a chance you may hear us laughing before you see us.

Three Lakes Brewing | Kelowna BC Craft Brewery